Drop Top To Dallas – Sub Zero Lyrics

Sub Zero Lyrics by Drop Top To Dallas

Drop Top To Dallas - Sub Zero Lyrics

Drop Top To Dallas – Sub Zero Lyrics

This heart is frozen in me
Frost bitten by deceit from the unseen
A fleeting shadow of the dominance I breed
Mixes ash into the oxygen I breath

You told me this life was forever
But forever was a childhood dream
Now seen through the eyes of your masters
The glass life with a crystalline sheen

What you’ve built for yourself is coming down
And as you pick up the pieces
Shatter skin of the system you’ve sewn
Carved in a forgotten existence
Collective mind is not your own


Rediscover the forgotten volition
Essence born through unbreakable will
Carnality must be unbounded
To crush this poison throne

The transparent is…
So apparent to me
Lord i must know
is this psychosis or soliloquy

I walk this line in memory of soliloquy
We are fallen…

Drop Top To Dallas – Sub Zero Lyrics

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